Cradle of Mankind Tour – Cultural Immersion Northern Kenya


9 days

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Safari Cruiser


Break from the typical bush & beach safaris and take on the cultural diversity of the magical Kenya by going north to immerse yourself in the rich desert cultures of the Semi-nomadic people. The tour will give you a chance of crossing significant land marks such as the Equator and driving along the scenic Great Rif Valley.

You will start north and keep going deep north driving in a comfortable 4×4 Safari land Cruiser with a guaranteed window seat. you will see a different side of Kenya you don’t get to see all too often. This safari will make use of well-equipped campsites providing camping tents with a willing staff to help you with tent setting, dinner preparations and tips on must see landmarks how to best survive the desert.

this tour will give you an opportunity to interact with four different yet closely related semi-nomadic Kenyan tribes.

Tour Highlights

  • Northern Kenya cultural immersion with the Samburu who are closely related to the Maasai.
  • Game drives at Samburu National Reserve home to rare wildlife such as the Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, etc.
  • An out of this world desert camping experience.
  • Exotic cuisine designed by a local  chef
  • Quality expedition tents & warm sleeping bags all included in the price of the trip


  • Specialized bilingual guide
  • Private Transport
  • Professional cook, guide and portters
  • Camping Gear
  • Transfers
  • Facilitated community visits
  • Departure Taxes
  • Entry Fees

Tour Plan

Day 01 Starting (Nairobi - Samburu)

Depart early morning from Nairobi to Samburu on an all-day drive. You will have stopovers at some view points for scenery view and photography such as a midday stopover at the equator. Arrive at your first campsite by 1600hrs where you will set up a communal relaxing tent to save you from the scorching sun as well as your personal camping tents in case you will want to nap. Overnight and dinner preparations from the staff will begin.

Day 02 Samburu Community Visit

After breakfast, at 0700hrs head to the Samburu villages to interact with communities there. The Samburu are a semi-nomadic pastoral community whose livelihood revolves around their livestock mainly cattle.

The men and women have clearly defined roles where the men get to heard cattle and protect the family and women build their huts, look after the children and cook for the families. You will get to have the social structure, family structure, leadership and general lifestyle of the Samburu broken down.

Day 03 Rendille Community Visit

After your breakfast you will drive further north to meet the Rendille who reside between the Marsabit and Lake Turkan border. Just like the Samburu they are cattle herders and get almost all they need from their cattle from clothes, food, milk, paying bride price, showcasing wealth and trade them in markets for grains and others resources.

An entire day interaction where you dance with the Rendille, feast on their traditional cuisine, enjoy campfire stories of their bravery and warriorhood and get some of the best handcrafted shanga jewelry for souvenirs. Dinner and overnight will be at the campsite.

Day 04 Turkana Visit

At this point you are already deep north but the adventure remains enthralling and a visit to the regions cosmopolitan town Loyangalani will prove it. Views of this sandy town will give you an explosion therapy of colors with beautiful culturally adorned natives being in full view. This is the home to the Samburu, Turkana, The El Molo and the Gabbra.

For most days all these tribes coexist peacefully thanks to a lot of NGOs efforts who with government help have also created water sources for the tribes to help combat drought.  Cattle herding is the Turkanas lifestyle and the women get to earn extra by selling their well-crafted jewelry. Your day will be highlighted by the cultural dances and origin stories

Dinner and overnight will be at the campsite

Day 05 Turkana Community Interactions

You will be visiting the Turkana believed to be direct descendants of the world’s oldest society with their history dation back to 1600AD and for this reason it is known as the cradle of mankind. Today culture and history will be key and a visit to the sight of the discovery of the ‘Turkana boy’ remains dating back to 1.6million years ago will be the highlight of your day.

The Turkana also have their own Origin stories that they love to share of where they descended from. Enjoy a full day Cultural interaction full of history lessons and later in the evening retire to your camp for dinner and overnight

Day 06 El-Molo Community Visit

Deeper north near the Ethiopian border you will find this small population of the El Molo people who live their lives differently from other tribes. They own no cattle and livestock is of little value to them. Their survival is dependent on the lake from where they fish for meals and fetch drinking water

They are a tribe in decline and their language as well as livelihood is critically endangered partly due to the domination by the Samburu tribe and partly due to poor nutrition given that their main source of nutrition is the salty lake. They mainly speak the Samburu language and even their dressing is more westerner than it is traditional.

A visit here will act as not only an eye opener but will also leave you as a sacred holder of these endangered cultures and traditions. Dinner and overnight will be at the Campsite.

Day 07 El-Molo - Samburu Reserve

Head back to Samburu to have a wildlife experience at Samburu Reserve.

Day 08 Samburu National Reserve

On top of the rich cultures, Samburu is home to some of the finest conservancies and reserves and on your way back to Nairobi you’ll have a chance to visit Samburu reserve that is home to a large array of wildlife including some rare ones. You will see animals such as the Grevy Zebra, Somali Ostrich, Reticulated Giraffe, Gerenuk and Beisa Oryx. Not limited to the exotic creatures only, you will have a chance to seeing some of the big cats (Leopard, Cheetahs and lions), wild dogs, a wide array of birdlife and a number of endangered and critically endangered species.

Dinner and overnight at Sabache Community Camp

Day 09 End of Tour (Samburu - Nairobi)

After an eventful 9 days, your tour has come to an end. You will leave for Nairobi full of memories reminiscing on your trip.

Tour Map

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    Amazing Tour !!!

    The trip was a bit rushed, some days we spent time on eating and shopping center instead of the sights. however the overall experience was great and we loved it

    August 5, 2022

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