Kerio valley to Iten

Traversing across the Great Rift Valley, Kerio Valley sits between the Tugen Hills and Elgeyo Escarpment elevated 1000 meters in the Great Rift Valley. This ideal positioning makes its views panoramic thus a wanderlusts’ dream destination. This road trip will give an opportunity to take off the beaten track throwing out worries of precision.

The views of both Cherang’any and Tugen Hills, combined with the good condition of the narrow roads will have your adrenaline on an all-time high. This entire drive will prove to be the perfect medicine for the soul ending with an exceptional moment in Iten where you may choose to run with the champions on their training grounds.

Points of interests: Tugen Hills, Cherang’any Hills, Nyaru, Elgeyo Escarpment, Iten.

Nairobi – Naivasha – Nakuru (2hrs 30min drive via main road, 3hrs via Mai Mahiu)

One thing this route will show you is the diverse face of Kenya. You will leave the vibrant capital city, Nairobi and take route for Naivasha and Nakuru. Before which, you will pass some key points of interests one being the Great Rift Valley view point. The views of Rift Valley from this view point are 18,000m above sea level and this goes to give you an idea on what panorama awaits you.

The Mai Mahiu Escarpment is also a stopover along this route (via the Mai Mahiu escarpment route) that gives an add-on view on your road trip, a stop over and the perfect spot for snapping pics. Heading forward you will have the two most iconic Great Lakes that is L. Nakuru & L. Naivasha.

Points of interest; Great Rift Valley view point, Cresent Island, Mai Mahiu Escarpment, Lake Nakuru & Lake Naivasha.

Kitale – Kakamega – Kisumu (3hrs drive via Highway A1)

A scenic drive that leaves 3hrs feeling like a few minutes and wishing that the stretch could get longer and it can. This inter-county highway has a variety of sceneries to give, and plenty stopovers along the way to replenish supplies and to refresh. The bliss does not stop there, as destinations along the way are in plenty.

The highway starts from Isebania border town to Tanzania and stretches all the way to Lokichogio which is the last town before reaching South Sudan border. This goes to prove that the road gives numerous chances to enjoy a picturesque, serene and adventurous. The highway traverses across eight Kenyan counties with each being uniquely gorgeous.

Points of interest; Crying Stone, Kakamega Forest Reserve, Impala Sanctuary, Saiwa Swamp NP, Mt. Elgon.